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Cons:    A laboratory reline or a complete remake of the denture will be needed in 6 months when the tissues are done healing.

Implant Dentures 

Tooth extractions may or may not be done at the same time as implants.

​Ideally, dentures are made six months after the last surgery. If implant dentures are made sooner a reline will need to be done sooner .

​These are removed at night just as other dentures and still function somewhat closely to traditional dentures.

​Pros: Patients are much happier overall with implant dentures and patients have less adjustments than some other types of dentures. No netting or paste required on implant dentures.

​Cons: Lengthy timeframe from beginning of steps/phases compared to immediate dentures.  Financially is a larger commitment by patient.

Immediate (Same Day) Dentures

Your back teeth are extracted and steps taken to fabricate the dentures ahead of time.

Patient satisfaction with overall dentures whether economic or classic are much higher than that of same day dentures.  Less relines and adjustments are needed than same day dentures.


Traditional Dentures 

Teeth are extracted ideally six months before impressions for this type of denture.

​Any amount of healing time is better than none as gums are constantly healing and changing  shape. If impressions are done in less than six months then the lab will need a reline done at some point

Which type of denture is best fit for you?

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