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​​Nancy B. "VIP Princess" 

​     "I won't let anybody touch my teeth except Dr. Stroud!"

I started seeing Dr. Stroud back in 2013. I had a terrible fear of the dentist office and I did NOT like needles at all! When I met Dr. Stroud my fears started to go away and my trust that she would always take care of me and my teeth grew with each visit. I first thought there was no hope in fixing my teeth, but Dr. Stroud has helped me tremendously and I cannot thank her and her team enough!

I had a special and unique case but they continued to make it better and today they have given me a BEAUTIFUL smile and have helped make me a happier, healthier, and more confident person. I would not consider going anywhere else but to Dr. Jessica Strouds' office. Her and her team are the greatest! When you call they do their best to get you in quickly. When you get there the atmosphere at Rend Lake Dental is so relaxed and you feel like you are part of their family.

​                         Thank You!!!!!!!

Patient Testimonials

Christopher B.

​  "Thank you Rend Lake Dental!"

​               I needed to have an upper denture put but was having a hard time getting this going. The dentist that I originally went to was not able to accommodate me in a timely manner so I decided to give Rend Lake Dental a try. Ended up being a great decision to go there and I am extremely glad I did! Not only did Dr. Stroud and her staff help me get my denture but they did in a timely and more importantly friendly manner. Even better, Dr. Strouds fees for their services were less than other dentists were going to charge me for the EXACT same services!


​              People who know that I have a denture have told me that my new teeth look real and I could not be happier! Dr. Stroud and her staff gave me an excellent experience and a very high quality upper denture that perfectly matched my lower teeth. Thank you Rend Lake Dental!